Lost Frequencies and Zonderling strike again with new single: ‘Love To Go’

Lost Frequencies

After launching their own bit of ‘Crazy’ into the world in 2017, Lost Frequencies and Zonderling back and ready to dig in with their long-expected second link-up.

An extraordinarily catchy single created in tandem with British–Zimbabwean singer-songwriter Kelvin Jones, ‘Love To Go‘ builds out the magic of their previous collaboration whilst giving fans a taste of their fresh sound once more.

Radiating the same sense of wonder as their 2017 smash hit, ‘Love To Go‘ interlocks the unique touches of its three creators. Combining upbeat, summeresque guitar tones and silky vocals with a more club-inspired beat drop, ‘Love To Go’ is the soundtrack of that amazing journey we call life.

Lost Frequencies: “I have to say I’m super happy with the final result of the track. There is a lot going on, but it stays super catchy and fresh. I asked Zonderling to co-produce the track with me, because I had this idea of a drop in my head and working with Zonderling on that was a perfect match for me.

I’ve been talking with Kelvin Jones the last year and really wanted to make a track with him. He is such an amazing singer, live and in the studio, and I just can’t wait to bring him up on a stage to sing the track. I just hope everybody love the final track as much as we do!

Zonderling: “We’re really happy to be back with a brand-new collaboration with Lost Frequencies. We’ve managed to get both our sounds to work together once again!

Kelvin Jones: “Felix and I met briefly at a show. We spoke about doing a song together, and what was just a conversation pretty soon manifested into a song that we both were in love with. The song was written by some friends in Hamburg and when I heard it, I knew I really wanted to sing it and have the feeling of expressing the words myself. The song was inspired by the feeling of being a musician who has to constantly leave home and hope that love doesn’t change for the worse by distance.

Listen to the track below.