UNTOLD and Neversea have created the ANYTIME Pass, a perfect solution during these difficult times

One of world’s best electronic dance music festivals, UNTOLD and Neversea wanted to bring clarity and security regarding the passes and tickets purchased for this year’s editions.

Today, they have created the ANYTIME Pass, which will allow you to be part of yet another magical chapter, at any one of the following 3 editions, at your choice, regardless of the dates, be it this year or the next ones.

The team behind Romania’s dance music treasures, UNTOLD and Neversea is close to the fans like never before during these challenging times due to COVID-19 outbreak.

During this period, we all have a lot of questions and we are all looking for answers. The only certainties are that, at this moment, our favorite festivals are not canceled and they represent, this year, the hope and miracle in which many people still believe.

At the same time, another certainty is the fact that the times we are living are truly exceptional. And, unfortunately, no one has the answer to the question – when is this crisis going to end?

The organizers of UNTOLD and Neversea wish more than anyone to have the chance to bring the joy of their festivals this year in the safest conditions. They have a responsibility to the tens of thousands of festival-goers who have trusted them this year and have purchased tickets for their festivals. They have the duty to do everything that depends on them, as long as there will be the slightest hope to meet again in the safest conditions this year.

They tried to understand better the evolution of things in the next period, and listened to the questions and concerns of their fans and tried to come with the best solutions for them. That’s how they came up with the idea to create the ANYTIME Pass.

Neversea ANYTIME Pass

All those who have already purchased a pass, of any kind, or a one-day ticket, have the option to change it in the ANYTIME option, which provides access to one of the next 3 editions of the festivals, regardless of the date on which will take place (including this year). All the characteristics of the initial pass/ticket remain the same and the change is available for 10 days, starting today, 27th of April 2020.

There are two ways to change the tickets:

• automatic, from the check-in platform
• manually, from the websites www.untold.com and www.neversea.com

In addition, because the organizers know that there are people who trust them and continue to purchase passes for their festivals, starting from today, they will sell only ANYTIME PASS – General Access and VIP.

The prices are:

• UNTOLD ANYTIME PASS General Access – 174 euro + taxes
• UNTOLD ANYTIME PASS VIP – 399 euro + taxes
• NEVERSEA ANYTIME PASS General Access – 136 euro + taxes
• NEVERSEA ANYTIME PASS VIP – 210 euro + taxes


The fans of the festivals can find more details on their official websites.

UNTOLD and NEVERSEA teams continue to believe in magic and recommend to everyone to continue this fight, united.