Nora En Pure releases ‘In The Air Tonight’ Club Mixes

With the original amassing over half a million streams since its release in March, Nora En Pure and Lika Morgan’s stunning ‘In The Air Tonight’ has already received official remixes by Sons of Maria and Croatia Squad, and now receives three new adaptations in its Club Mixes remix package – out now via Spinnin’ Records.

Moving ‘In The Air Tonight‘ into a club realm, Nora En Pure‘s Club Edit adds a deliciously dark bassline and majestic vocal pads. Whisking the listener away, this remix has had fans patiently waiting for its release since playing it at Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival in March.

Passenger 10‘s remix picks up the pace, intertwining the vocal piece with staccato synths, leading the way for a powerful bassline. Transforming the original with a deep and choppy bassline, Leventina‘s remix is an after hour weapon that will keep the listener grooving with its rolling rhythm and club-ready elements.

Nora En Pure In The Air Tonight club remixes

Hosting her first ever virtual festival stage on Minecraft at Electric Blockaloo on June 25-28, Nora En Pure will be inviting a selection of artists to join the Purified stage, including artists who have released on the label or have played at previous Purified events. With Purified Radio coming up to its 200th episode, stay tuned for a special announcement to celebrate this milestone.

Listen to the remixes here.