PREMIERE: 5-minute exclusive preview of Alan Walker’s Mainstage set at Tomorrowland Around The World

Tomorrowland Around The World

To prepare the People of Tomorrow for the magical extravaganza this upcoming weekend, Belgium’s dance music jewel just unveiled this 5-minute exclusive preview of Alan Walker’s Mainstage set at the digital festival “Tomorrowland Around The World“.

Tomorrowland‘s first ever digital music festival is almost here and we are super-excited! For those who can’t wait to see the action, the team behind Tomorrowland just unveiled this 5-minute exclusive preview of Alan Walker‘s Mainstage set at the digital festival showing festival visitors what they can expect during the weekend with unique performances by more than 60 of the world’s most prominent artists in electronic dance music on 8 magical stages.

Over the last three months, a team of over 200 people has been working day and night to realize the impossible just for your listening pleasure from the comfort of your own home. Something very unique and never seen before has been crafted that will give the People of Tomorrow goosebumps all weekend long.

Check out the exclusive premiere below and prepare yourselves for a magical weekend with Tomorrowland Around The World!

Tomorrowland Around the World is ‘Time-zone-friendly’ for visitors from Asia and North and South America and will be open for people of all ages and places.

Tickets for Tomorrowland Around the World are now available here.

– Day ticket costs €12.50.
– Weekend ticket costs €20.00 and includes a week of video-on-demand content to relive the entire experience.
– Special People of Tomorrow packages and Home Party packages are available. More info can be found here.

Alex Gelevski is our official photographer. He has been listening to electronic dance music since middle school. Apart from being photographer for Rave Jungle he likes to play basketball in his spare time.