ATB & Topic & A7S join forces on brand new single ‘Your Love (9pm)’


A modern reimagining of ATB’s platinum-selling 1998 classic ‘9pm (Till I Come)’, ‘Your Love (9pm)’ is the first-ever official remake with the trance producer’s involvement.

Working together in the studio in Germany, ATB and Topic combined both of their music styles flawlessly to create the track, along with A7S, who finalized the lyrics via video call.

Over the past 20 years I’ve received so many requests for collaborations, remakes and cover versions of my song ‘9pm (Till I Come)’ but I passed on them all because I was never really satisfied with the sound of the approach nor the final,” explains ATB.

“Then I listened to Topic’s “Breaking Me” together with Rudi (management) and we immediately had the feeling that these two sound worlds could fuse together perfectly.

ATB & Topic’s version flaunts A7S’ soaring vocals and a powerful, full-bodied bassline with the iconic hook and sunkissed trance energy that made the original special to listeners worldwide.

9pm (Till I Come) is an absolute dance classic that I’ve known and loved since I was little,” says Topic.

“It is, therefore, a great honor to be the first to reissue this number together with ATB. The typical ATB guitar riff paired with my “melancholic dance music” sound and the unmistakable voice of A7S results in perfect symbiosis!

ATB’s big breakthrough moment, ‘9pm (Till I Come)’, propelled the German DJ and producer to the top of the UK singles chart back in 1998, becoming the first trance song to reach #1 in the UK.

Not stopping there, ATB’s debut single also peaked in several Top 10 charts around the globe, including the US Billboard Charts, and opened the door for dance music on mainstream radio.

His creative spirit continued to flourish with an impressive string of hits like ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Ecstasy’, ‘Let U Go’, ‘What About Us’, ‘Move On’ and ‘When It Ends It Starts Again’. Together with 10 studio albums, Gold and Platinum certifications in numerous territories have underlined the German’s status, as did his continuous presence in the prestigious DJ Mag ‘Top 100’ poll for almost two decades.

A stunning rework of a legendary 90’s dance track, ‘Your Love (9pm)’ boasts ATB’s timeless hook and Topic’s effortless production style, along with A7S’ vocal performance, whilst paying homage to the classic dance hits of yesteryear.

Listen to the track below.