Protecting Your DJ Business Like A Boss

Being a DJ is like being a rock star: it’s a fun and fabulous profession with a similar lifestyle. However, it’s necessary to take proactive measures to protect your DJ business and equipment. After all, you’re setting up at least $1,400 worth of gear in a rowdy environment. Here’s a quick guide to protecting your DJ business like a boss.

Protecting The Equipment

Being a DJ means investing a lot of money in equipment. Consider how much money you’ve spent on equipment for your DJ business over the years. That equipment is expensive, which makes it a target.

Whether someone’s down on their luck or simply opportunistic, it doesn’t take much to motivate someone to try to steal expensive electronic equipment and sell it. So, how do you protect all of that equipment? When you’re transporting it from gig to gig, it’s simply a case of making sure it’s safely locked away inside cases and vehicles.

Keeping your DJ equipment in locked cases will deter most thieves, but someone intent on using a pair of bolt cutters will still get through. For this reason, consider putting tracking devices either in the cases or somewhere inside or on the equipment itself.

If thieves ever steal the equipment, all you have to do is tell the authorities and show them the tracker so that they can recover the equipment for you easily and promptly. All equipment should also be marked with your zip code in invisible ink.

Protecting Yourself And Your Team

When it comes to protecting yourself and your team, the main kind of protection you need is the right insurance policy. Every business needs commercial insurance: a policy that will protect the business from the cost of unexpected events. To choose the most appropriate policy for you, first calculate your risks, the fundamentals of which you can learn here. By taking out a liability insurance policy for your DJ business, you’ll effectively protect yourself from a wide variety of potentially expensive legal threats.

All it takes is one drunk patron to knock into or fall onto your equipment. Something as simple as spilling a drink accidentally on the electronics can wreck thousands of dollars’ worth of tech. Liability insurance can protect you from being sued, as well as covering the cost of damage to your equipment.

Protecting your DJ business is a must: you have invested in expensive equipment which is essential to your livelihood. Ensure that all equipment is stored securely, and don’t skip key business considerations like insurance. Check out how to form an llc in simpler steps from MoneyBrighter.