Neversea festival will be organized this year on a new date!

Our favorite sea dance music festival, Neversea, will be organized this year on a new date. On Friday, May 14th, the Romanian authorities presented the rules for the events until August, rules that, in their current form, make it impossible to organize the Neversea festival in July.

The fourth edition of Romania’s dance music jewel should have taken place on July 8-11th, but until then, there are less than two months and the new set of rules published by the Romanian authorities does not provide any predictability and clarity on the resumption of cultural activities. Under these conditions, the festival organizers are forced to reschedule the July edition for a new date, in 2021. In this way, the organizers hope that the festival will be able to take place this year, after a break of more than 12 months.

Finding a new date, reconfirming the artists, recalibrating the human and logistical resources, are true efforts that the organizers are willing to make, in the hope that the authorities will rethink the proposed rules as soon as possible.

The hard-working team behind Neversea and UNTOLD festivals claim that there are solutions to organize the event in the safest conditions with access allowed for everyone vaccinated, tested, or with antibodies. Instead, the rules published by the authorities say that in July the events can take place only with a limited number of 2500 people, with a distance of 2 square meters between participants.

For this reason, the Neversea organizers say they do not want to make a compromise with their festival and they need the guarantee of the authorities that the rules will be changed as promised, at least starting with August 1.

Here’s what Edy Chereji – Communication Director NEVERSEA, had to say about the festival:

“After last year’s break, now we want more than ever to meet again at the festival! For this reason, we decided to reschedule it again for 2021, on a new date, hoping that until then we will have the rules that will allow us to carry on our activity. The current ones make it impossible for us to work and do our activity! It is the best decision we could make to give the festival a chance in 2021.

We assure everyone who is waiting for the festival that we will do everything that depends on us, we will look for the best solutions. At the same time, we ask once again the authorities to come and support the cultural industry by establishing and communicating as clearly and as quickly as possible new rules that will trully help the relaunch of cultural activity in Romania”

The crowd, the artists, the organizers, and the collaborators of the festival are all eager to meet again, on their favorite beach, to enjoy together wonderful new experiences, the best music, and the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises from the sea. Also, for over 9000 collaborators and 500 suppliers of the Neversea festival and their employees, the development of the event means the relaunch of their businesses and also a ray of hope.

At the same time, the Neversea organizers are thanking their fans for their support and trust in these hard times! They assure the festival fans that their passes and daily tickets, those purchased in 2020 and transformed into Anytime Passes, but also those purchased this year, remain valid for the updated Neversea 2021 edition.

In the next period, the festival representatives will return with information about the new festival date.

More information can be found HERE!

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