Armin van Buuren and Sander van Doorn have teamed up to release ‘Jonson’s Play’

World-renowned trance stalwarts Sander van Doorn and Armin van Buuren have teamed up to release ‘Jonson’s Play’, a highly-anticipated collaboration that will set this summer’s dancefloors ablaze with infectious energy.

The monumental single from both Dutch talents directly follows the Sander van Doorn remix of Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren‘s 2019 hit ‘Show Me Love‘, released at the tail end of this April. Out now on Armin’s very-own Armada Music, ‘Jonson’s Play‘ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

The hard-hitting, anthemic endeavor begins with a pulsating kickdrum, quickly accompanied by a rising tension that is audibly rife with a palpably raw sonic intensity. A rhythmic beat is introduced into the space and effortlessly aids in creating a wholly energetic buildup, complete with several following forcible bass drops.

Packing quite a punch, the propelling tone eventually picks up its pace, and is paired alongside atmospherically entrancing production elements. In all, the track’s masterful synth manipulation and signature trance sensibilities blend perfectly with its subtle, propulsive techno flair.

Larger-than-life from start-to-finish, the latest to come from Sander van Doorn and Armin van Buuren is a groundbreaking masterpiece that has all the qualities of a certified high-octane rinser.

Listen to the track below.