Get a Better Appearance as DJ with These Grooming Tips

Jack Back

It’s not just about the music you create. You have to build a complete image. I mean, look at the list of top 10 DJs! Only Martin Garrix doesn’t have facial hair (yet). Oh wait, he does! And we all know what most of the top DJs look like. Some of us even remember DJ BoBo! Although he might not be the best choice when it comes to DJ appearance in 2021…

Where do DJs go wrong with facial hair?
Food for your crop

If your diet consists of Red Bull, gummy bears, and fast food, the only thing you will manage to grow is diabetes. Beard needs its vitamins to grow and be plentiful. So, fill up your diet with meat, veggies, milk, eggs, and nuts. Vitamin supplements are also an option if you have a busy schedule.

Patience you must have, my young padawan

A magnificent beard like DJ Khaleed’s doesn’t come overnight. You need to give it a three weeks start, and resist the urge to trim it, harras it, or shave it. You just keep it tidy and combed for three weeks, and then hit the barber’s to see what you got and how you can shape it.


If you want an Afrojack look, you can’t do it with one rusty razor and some soap in your shaky hands. Grooming is a form of art, just like let’s say, DJing. So, let the professionals do their magic.

Do you still want to do it yourself? No problem, perhaps you have the talent for it. But the equipment is equally important. So, you will need a razor, trimmer, small scissors, comb, shaving bowl, and brush. Plus the expendables. For doing the haircut, please visit the salon. Really. Or go with the Moby look.

Grooming tips for DJs
Be always tidy

Not everyone can wear the Tommie Sunshine look. It’s a magnificent one, that’s for sure. But new time calls for new trends. So, visit your barber once a week. The facial hair grows quite fast, and it’s better to leave the fine work to professionals. Find a good barber who will take care of your beard, stache, and hair. Also, he will give you advice on what beard oil you should use, what cosmetic salon to visit, and how to look stunning every single day.

The passing of time

The gigs can last for hours, and your hair will pay the toll. Especially in crowded places. Or in summer temperatures. A hair pomade for men will control your messy hair, giving it a fresh, hydrated look. Even after hours of dropping the bass, your hair will look super strong and healthy. For the facial hair, our choice would be beard oil and some mustache wax, if necessary.

Shape of you

Pick the shape of your beard and mustache that suits the shape of your face. Jason Momoa’s beard looks good on him, and him only. End of story. Imagine Ed Sheeran wearing it. Horrible thought. Don’t take advice from your drinking buddies, old friends from college, or your great-great Granpa. Straight to the barber, and ask for a piece of advice.

Short conclusion

It’s really up to you when it comes to the shape, form, and look of your hair, mustache, and beard. The new trends (in music and grooming) can be confusing and change fast. But one thing will always be evergreen for men. And that’s having a strong, healthy, and well-groomed look. Your appearance might be crucial for kickstarting your career.