Andreas Henneberg drops fantastic new EP ‘Lucky Winner’

Andreas has had one hell of a summer. As soon as the restrictions were lifted you could find him all over the place playing festivals and the first club shows in front of thousands of ecstatic faces. So no wonder he rings in the autumn with an incredible energy bomb.

Lucky Winner EP” consists of two tracks already loved and sought after by fans from the streams and real shows. “Lucky” is a wild ride of feisty percussions, a pumping baseline and a wicked vocal that explodes in a frenzy of ludicrousness. It is such a Henneberg tune just packed to the brim with attitude.

And then, the track we have all been waiting for! “Winner” is the rolling counterpart to the wild “Lucky“, the groove shaking and bouncing its way into our hearts. A teasing synthesizer gives small hints about what is to come.

It builds up tension before finally the powerful vocals smoothly infiltrate the song, and you are left mesmerised by what this guy can do. Memories of old times blend with the excitement of the now, while catchy percussions carry possess you and demands you to dance, dance, dance and smile!

Listen to the tracks below.