Pophop drops the second installment of his ‘Essential Tracks Mix 2’

Super-talented DJ and producer, Pophop faces the stiff headwind and the salty spray with a laugh that might evoke the impression of insanity insensitive souls. When he tells about his adventures in a hushed voice at the bonfire he unexpectedly hurls the half-drunk rum bottle into the flames like a molotov cocktail.

He can be quite deep and pensive, as well, when he stares out at a bank of thick fog and feels the rocking rhythm of the deck underneath his feet. He does all that in the fantastic world that is his music – and that’s where he takes us for a cruise with the second installment of his Essential Tracks Mix.

Organic grooves and samples from the world music genre, ancient drums and synthesizers, originals and remixes add up to a string of seriously epic dance floor moments.

Listen to the tracks below and enjoy!