Bart Skils & Weska re-link for another spitfire two-tracker on Drumcode

Bart Skils & Weska re-link for another spitfire two-tracker, following 2019’s popular ‘Polarize’ EP.

The Dutch Drumcode veteran and rising Canadian artist share an effortless creative symmetry, both masters of powerful techno music with an impact-heavy melodic edge.

Their debut collaboration ‘Polarize‘ / ‘Lost on You‘ was a notable summer highlight for the label in 2019, so a follow-up was always on Adam Beyer‘s mind.

We may be in the midst of European winter, but ‘Shades of Summer‘ offers a needed respite and looks ahead to the warmer festival-ready months. The track is a transcendental slice of techno that plays skilfully with tension and release dynamics and is made for stadium-sized moments. ‘House of Lords‘ is a vital dancefloor tool and rolls for days.

Listen to the tracks below!