Agents of Time return to Afterlife with a brand new 2-track EP ‘The Mirage’

Multi-talented DJ and producer duo, Agents Of Time return to Tale of Us‘ world-renowned record label Afterlife with a brand new 2-track EP ‘The Mirage’, just for your listening pleasure!

Italian act Agents Of Time have established a sterling reputation over the years. Their mesmerising approach to club music blends emotive melodies and transcendent rhythms, with dance floor-centred beats.

Their long anticipated Mirage EP begins with its title cut; enveloping the listener is a swathe of atmospheric synth and pad work from the off. Oscillating frequencies complement the sultry rhythms while a life-affirming riff forms the stirring centrepiece.

Agents of Time

On the flip ‘Northern Lights‘ is a sensitive, emotive composition which gradually increases its emotional impact as it builds and evolves.

Listen to the EP below and enjoy!