Quick guide for writing the perfect song lyrics

Some songwriters are naturally talented, and they can write song lyrics from scratch within minutes. For others, the process is an uphill task that requires consistent practice until they master the art.

Whether you learned from a school of music or developed your talent naturally, well-written song lyrics make a song attractive and full of fun. You can start practicing writing song lyrics, and you will become experienced sooner. Here is your guide to writing the best lyrics.

Let your music goals inspire you

Every art is guided by goals that point an artist in the direction they must move. You must have a reason why you want to compose a song. The main goal is not the sales you make but the message you pass to your audience.

It could be you want to sing about love, unity, politics, resistance, etc. These are the things that will help you create emotions in your lyrics, pitch, and the language you want to use in terms of street language, political language, business language, drugs, etc.

The skill of writing is developed through practice and having an interest in your writing goals. An example is when you are writing a song. You should make the lyrics catchy to make your song popular. In some circumstances, your writing fails to meet your expectations even after trying several times.

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Decide which genre you want your song to be

Your song lyrics must fall within a specific music genre. Choose a genre that you naturally love. If this is your first song, all your other songs should be within this genre. If you keep mixing genres, you confuse your audience, making them uncertain about what kind of music you sing. If you are not certain which genre is best for you, start to listen to music from different artists, and you will find the type you prefer most.

Create your song subject

Your song title is what your audience will identify the song with. Choose a title they can relate with and one that will sell. Some artists have produced songs without titles and still managed to sell, but a title will do better.

Different types of songs follow different structures. Normally, most songs have verses/stanzas and a chorus, although there are a few that don’t have choruses. If your lyrics will have a chorus, decide where the chorus will fall within the stanzas.
For some songs, they begin with a verse and then a chorus, a verse again followed by a chorus. Other songs will have a verse followed by a chorus and then a bridge followed by a chorus. There is another category that starts with an intro. It progresses to a verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus, and on and on.

Create your lyrics

Your song lyrics should be as natural as possible. These are the words that will make your song. They are the words upon which the instruments shall play, and the voice of singers shall base their voices upon the lyrics. Due to this, you should let the lyrics flow naturally, but if this is not possible, you can keep brainstorming for each verse or stanza.
When writing the lyrics, think about writing a poem and how the words flow from one line to the next and from one stanza to the next. Your lyrical lines should have the same number of syllables as the previous line.

If you must use a dictionary, be at liberty to do so just to ensure the flow of your lyrics is good. The rhyme schemes are essential when creating song lyrics. This is an example of rhyming lyrics.

You carry my heart away

Until I cannot find my way

I have no other way but to follow you

Because you safely have my heart

Edit and find your tune

Your final part is to edit your lyrics and find your tune. Read through the lyrics to determine if they are well rhymed. If they are not, make adjustments before you create your tune. Some naturally talented artists start with a tune and build the lyrics upon the tune, but most of them start with the lyrics. As your tune flows, feel free to change the lyrics until each of them fits within your tune.


Before you start to create your song lyrics, you need to brainstorm the goals of your song. From the goals, create your title and decide what genre you want your song to be. You might listen to different lyrics in your genre of choice to know how they flow. Decide the structure you will follow for your song and let the lyrics flow according to the structure. Write lyrics, letting them flow naturally or get inspired by books or songs. Edit your lyrics and create the tune of your song, and you will be ready to begin recording.