Adam Beyer returns with a new solo EP, dropping stunning 3 tracker ‘Dirty Lagoon’

Adam Beyer

Adam Beyer begins the year with a new solo EP, following on from an impressive 2021 that saw a collaboration with DJ Rush and a landmark compilation with Kevin Saunderson’s E-Dancer project to mark 250 Drumcode releases.

The title track ‘Dirty Lagoon‘ is masterclass of kaleidoscopic techno; both colourful and jacking, it is testament to the rich array of sounds the artist has been exploring throughout the past year. An inspiring addition to his discography.

Code is the Code‘ is a pin-sharp cut that combines powerful rhythms with peak-time melodic flourishes. In both sound and name, it’s a fitting tribute to Drumcode‘s signature sound that’s thrilling and functional in equal measures. A ‘Code is the Code‘ merchandise drop will accompany the release of this track, more details TBA.

Beyer will be donating 100% of his income from the track ‘Dirty Lagoon‘ to Coral Vita, an award-winning company that protects eco-systems by growing diverse and resilient corals that are then out-planted into damaged reefs.

Completing the trio, ‘Dub Embassy‘ is a beautiful tripped out record full of warm cascading dubby rhythms that begs to be played on a festival system.

‘Dirty Lagoon’ has been a highlight record in all of my sets in recent months. It’s a style of punchy, club techno that I’m into in the sense that it’s driving but it has playful elements. Supporting it on this EP is also ‘Code is The Code’ and ‘Dub Embassy’ which bring two contrasting styles to the package, the first more energetic and atmospheric and the second more tripped out and hypnotic. I think this EP sums up the different sides of my current sound perfectly – powerful, energetic, emotive techno.” Adam Beyer

Listen to the EP below!