Torres & Arain unveil a powerful new track ‘The Feeling’

Future Rave Music strikes back with yet another hit. This time, Torres & Arain take the main stage to introduce ‘The Feeling’.

The record label known for its hard-hitting tracks that feature the best in the Future Rave and Electronic Dance Music genres, and for showcasing up-and-coming talent from all over the world, has been on a constant stream of top-notch energetic releases like ‘Collide’ by Slovakian DJs Bromo & Yantosh, ‘Going Down’ by Enveak and L’Etrange M. Redan, ‘So Long’ by ALEX LNDN ft Eileen Jaime, and Ken Bauer’s latest anthem ‘I Just Wanna Rave’. The label seeks to shine a spotlight towards cutting-edge fresh acts and highlight top-quality driven and impressive new projects.

This time it’s no different with their latest addition to the roster, with Torres & Arain making their way into the Dance music scene. The DJs aren’t new to collaborating with each other, as they released their vigorous track ‘Perhaps’ via Psychic Dominator Records last year.

The Feeling’ hits the listener with an instant mainstage sound, explosive and high energy basslines and sonic elements come into play, as the song drops and bursts into an instant party.

Growling synths with the track’s deep basslines guide the journey. The main vocals are echoed and present in foreground, while the urgency of the drops makes it impossible not to move, a mix of high energy and vibrant loops transforms the experience into an instant ticket to a mainstage rave at your favorite summer festival.

Future Rave Music continues to surprise, time and time again, with the best fresh new acts and music that continues to break its way into dancefloors worldwide, as it introduces listeners to the finest beats that definitely fill the not to be missed bill. ‘The Feeling’ by Torres & Arain is out now and available in major online stores and streaming platforms.

Listen to the track below.