Kareem El Morr readies his “Super Illegal Revolution Trax” on RFR Records

Munich’s most flexible shapeshifter comes equipped with three new weapons. Needless to mention he’s got our full support for his subversive revolutionary plans.

Don’t try this at home“- a warning that has always been more of an encouragement to do forbidden things than inspire cautiousness. But basically correct, and for want of a booming club life, you better enjoy this Detroit burner with a proper car system or in an abandoned warehouse that is gettin cut into pieces by stroboscope lightning. Of course, under the correct appliance of all hygiene measures.

No, this ain’t a Trumpesque call to arms in order to charge for the Reichstag. On the contrary, it shows how any stable foundation can be undermined with a healthy dose of 90s acid. If you don’t believe it, just listen to Rakim’s „Stay in bed remix“ of „How to bring down your government“.

For the end of our adventure we are given a nice „Sidequest“. As for the reward, there’s a shiny loot box with legendary items, beautifully wrapped in trancey techno. Lovers of Aril Brikha might find some valuable treasure here.

Listen to the track below.