Martin Garrix releases ‘Find You’ with Justin Mylo and Dewain Whitmore

Just a week away from the ‘Sentio’ album release, Martin Garrix is pulling out all the stops.

A name that couldn’t be left out of the streak of releases is one of his close friends, Justin Mylo. Together with Mylo and Grammy-Award-winning singer Dewain Whitmore, he created ‘Find You‘.

Find You‘ is an energetic and bright track like only Garrix and Mylo can create. The heartfelt lyrics are reminiscent of a stranded relationship and trying to get that feeling of love back again, which is perfectly emphasized by Dewain Whitmore‘s heartfelt vocals.

The three are no strangers to working together, having teamed up on ‘Burn Out‘ before already. Gearing up for the album release next week, Garrix has lined up the last tracks that will complete the ‘Sentio‘ tracklist.

Listen to the track below.