Guy Gerber Announces New Ibiza Residency

Guy Gerber

This summer, Guy Gerber debuts his weekly residency, Mirror Game, at newly launched Club Chinois in Ibiza each Sunday. Centered around the power of the mirror, this weekly party series will take place from June 19 to October 9, and take attendees through the looking glass into the outsized imagination of Guy Gerber.

Contradiction and duality have been central to the internationally acclaimed DJ’s career since its inception, and he, like many artists, has struggled with the tension between aspiration and reality, something the mirror exposes. Mirror Game continues Gerber‘s eschewing of the easy path, the next chapter in an Ibiza story that includes his provocative Wisdom of The Glove residency, which appeared in the New York Times and featured a $150k glove, and was followed by Rumors, a free, feet-in-the-sand party with only unannounced sets.

In each instance Gerber sought to bring something different to the island, to embrace its contrarian roots and capture the mystique and freedom that captivated him on his very first trip to the White Island.

Inspired by Anish Kupor and James Turrell, Mirror Game is a deeply personal project for Gerber, who developed both the creative direction and artwork himself as well as handling all the bookings. It’s a human project, with production reliant on hand-made physical art rather than just the technological.

Mirrors, while elemental and earthly, are capable of transporting us into other worlds, as one of the most powerful and visual tools we have at our disposal, it is also one of our most ancient. Every week attendees will enter into a room full of mirrors; tinted, distorted, ancient and new, these mirrors will reflect our pain, pleasure, beauty and flaws, serving up a rogue’s gallery of reflections to find and lose yourself in.

Hidden inside this hall of mirrors will be a very special room that allows you to pass through the reflection. Mirror Game members or token holders will step beyond the party, having access to curated digital art pieces, an ownership stake in a Gerber track and even a stake in the party itself. Will you come inside?

Tickets available Here!