Adam Beyer & Layton Giordani team up to remix Sam Paganini’s iconic track ‘Rave’

Adam Beyer and Layton Giordani team up to remix Sam Paganini’s iconic ‘Rave’. Originally released in 2014, the track is universally recognized as one of the greatest Drumcode releases in the label’s history and has 100M streams across streaming service and YouTube.

The duo’s remix rampages straight in with a fast, urgent gallop of relentless drums and bass, bringing the original’s iconic stealthy riff more to the fore as it beats you about the head with sheer power, using delay and reverb to fill every nanosecond, with wild vocal motifs.

The original breakdown and famous drop are now a more marked double breakdown, the second characterised with a haunting war cry and burst of staccato melody before the pounding beat starts up again, upping the ante yet more with zizzing synth strings adding their nerve-twitching magic.

Adam Beyer: “When I signed Sam Paganini’s ‘Satellite’ album back in early 2014, I quickly realised that the track ‘Rave’ was going to be a defining record for Drumcode. I was confident it was a hit and as that summer began to roll on, I realised just how big it became. The word ‘anthem’ isn’t a word I’d use lightly but ‘Rave’ was, for me and for many of the Drumcode family across the world, the anthem that defined that period. You couldn’t go to events at that time without hearing ‘Rave’, often multiple times in the same night, and when that signature hook, vocal and drop landed – the crowds would respond. They loved it. And so did I.

“‘Rave’ has gone on to be one of the label’s most streamed releases and I think that’s a testament to Sam Paganini’s deep understanding of how to harness the energy and emotion of any dance floor.

“Remixing a track of this magnitude was always going to be a delicate operation. Layton and I agreed that we wanted to keep as much of the original magic and signature ingredients as possible while administering a solid injection of 2022 energy and punch. It’s a respectful refresh of this timeless record and it’s been a huge peak time moment in all of my post pandemic shows. I’m excited to now share it with you all just in time for what is likely to be one of the best summers for many years.”

Layton Giordani: “I’ll never forget the first time I heard ‘Rave’ live. It was a Drumcode showcase in New York City on Governors Island. This was long before I got signed to the label, but the DC crew were all just super friendly to me. I remember Sam saying it was coming soon on his album and it absolutely melted my mind. For me personally, it is the biggest record release on Drumcode. Period. Fast forward to now and Adam and I got to remix it! This will be the remix I’ll be most proud of probably for the rest of my life. It connects my younger self to where it all began and to the artist I’ve become today. It’s really an exciting new chapter in my relationship with Drumcode.”

Sam Paganini: “It was October 2013 and I was thinking about this track for a few days called “The Search” by Trancesetters, a track I used to open my sets with around 1996 or so, it was the perfect opening thanks to the first 90 seconds with no bass drum, but with an uplifting crescendo sound, hypnotic and obscure until the real starting point kicked in, sending the dancefloor into a frenzy. Inspired by this vibe, I turned on my Juno 106 and got to work. Although I’d made a good tool track, it wasn’t a game changer and I felt unhappy and frustrated.

“A few months later I got the idea to add something unexpected and extraordinary in the break section of the track. I looked for a sound on the Moog, I played a few bits and the result shaped the sound of the piece even more. I added an almost indecipherable little female vocal sample after the drop that added some more mystery and atmosphere. It felt ok, but I was still reluctant and a bit concerned about it since its overall sound was a bit different to what you could hear on the techno scene at the time. The first demo was played at a major event in Sofia, Bulgaria in March 2014 and the result was super exciting. It worked amazingly well, so I laid down a final mix when I got back to the studio. I still didn’t have a name for it, so chose a very meaningful and catchy four-letter word for it: ‘RAVE’.

“I played it in my sets every night for three years and up until 2019 I’d still play it on very special occasions. The record will always hold a special place in my heart and I’m excited to see it reach a new generation of ravers thanks to Adam and Layton’s remix.”


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Sam Paganini ‘Rave‘ (Adam Beyer & Layton Giordani Remix) is out 24 June on Drumcode.