elrow presents a brand new collaboration with Ron English

DellusionVille will be elrow’s new immersive experience. Ron English and elrow will represent a particular vision of the universe through avant-garde art and electronic music. The artist’s particular style and extraordinary interpretation of the most radical, satirical and humorous art will be reflected in this journey into pop art culture on elrow CLOSING PARTY – October 1, 2022, at Amnesia Ibiza.

As the world turns, the cultural and entertainment industry is generating new and surprising ideas to surprise and satisfy the desires of dance music lovers. In order to respond to this call, elrow joins forces with the American artist Ron English to offer, on Saturday, October 1, at Amnesia Ibiza, an unrepeatable show in which avant-garde art and electronic music mix with the idea to provide a show never seen before and in which the public is an active part of the work.

“At elrow, we are fascinated by creative, visionary and daring minds. We are always working on breaking the limits of our shows. Now we want to impress our fans again, no more and no less, with a tailor-made collaboration with Ron English, the “godfather of Street Art””, adds Juan Arnau.

Ron English is one of the most influential street artists of all time. Born in Illinois (USA) and living in New York, his unique universe has inspired urban artists worldwide. Ron‘s work includes bizarre and surreal characters ranging from three-eyed rabbits to crazy clowns, featuring references from pop culture, the advertising industry, and cartoons where you’ll recognize plenty of famous icons from Western culture.

“In this project, we immersed ourselves in Ron’s limitless imagination to create together a concept that will be unlike anything you’ve seen before,” says elrow founder Juan Arnau, who proposes us to be fun and irreverent on a magical date.

For this project, Ron‘s universe moves to one of the most legendary clubs on the white island, Amnesia Ibiza, hand in hand with an entertainment company and accompanied by one of the most internationally renowned artists, such as the British Norman Quentin Cook, better known as Fat Boy Slim.

Together with Cook, Eats Everything, Bastian Bux, Tini Gessler and Kölsch will be in charge of drawing a soundscape according to a surreal, chaotic and multisensory set design.

The theme debut is Dellusionville and will be a live reinterpretation of the famous POPaganda art movement, the fruit of the imagination of the well-known “godfather of street art”, Ron English.

“I think life is more exciting if you do things your way, even if it’s not in the way or in the order that everyone expects,” explains Ron English of Dellusionville‘s leitmotif. This theme is an itinerant initiative that will travel, making stops in the main world capitals of culture and entertainment.

Ron English has spent more than 30 years working at Dellusionville and elrow would love to honour this incredible work in the closing party on October 1st at Amnesia Ibiza.