NATHASSIA is back with another hard-hitting release ‘Guardian Angel’

DJ and music production sensation NATHASSIA is here with another hard-hitting release. The multicultural icon is ready to share ‘Guardian Angel’ her latest production via ArchangelUK. 

The artist known for her impressive releases that carry a wide array of musical and cultural influences and her powerful signature sound, has recently shared the hits ‘Lair (Special Tee & Andreas Fox Remix)’, ‘Bang The Drums (D-Licious mix) – Miami Special’, and revisited her popular track ‘Is Everybody Searching (DaaHype Remix)’, and while she’s not a stranger to the charts, having her music featured at the top of Beatport Dance charts; she continues to amaze by curating the most energetic mixes of her favorite EDM, Electro House, Bass House and Future House tracks for her weekly radio show ‘Goddess Is A DJ’, that now reaches radio stations in more than 30 countries.

Her drive and inspiration show no limits or signs of stopping, bringing with it a new wave of music that will surely find its way, once more, to the top of the Dance music chart worldwide.

The artist introduces ‘Guardian Angel’, a feel-good track that ticks all the boxes to become her next number one hit. NATHASSIA’s voice takes the spotlight with a pop inspired and catchy melody, surrounded by with a bubbly synth progression, sparkly sonic elements, a Dance energetic beat; enveloping pads take the song to a new level as it releases to what can be described as refreshing pool of sound.

Playful and rhythmic vocal chops give a non-monotonous layer to the song, making the track a wholesome and blissful listening experience.

NATHASSIA is an artist that constantly proves her talent and skills are unparalleled, as she continuously pushes her own boundaries delivering high-quality and powerful music that connects with listeners all over the world.

Listen to her latest track below and enjoy!