Brucelee, Torres & LIN join forces to introduce their latest collaboration ‘Stay’

Brucelee, Torres & LIN join forces to introduce their latest collaboration ‘Stay’; the track is being released via Future Rave Music. This is not the first time Torres and Brucelee work with the label, as they dropped with the label the banger ‘Try Together’ to great success not too long ago.

The DJs and music producers continue to put out hard-hitting tracks that catch the attention of ravers and party-lovers all over the world, reinforcing their reputation as true production powerhouses with big talent supported by innovation and powerful releases.

Future Rave Music underpin their fame as a label that not only delivers high-quality music but sets the stage to showcase great fresh talent from all over the world, bringing new fans closer to up-and-coming artists with talent and skills to keep the party going.

Stay’ features a steady beat, as the intensity of the track builds up throughout the whole track; a pulsating bass along with buzzing synth stabs, paves the way for the big Mainstage sound with Future Rave taste this track delivers. Filtered vocals playfully go around the layers of textural pads, while processed main vocals take the center of the mix guiding the sonic journey to reach a powerful drop lead by the main buzzing synths. This track surely keeps the party going as it showcases the sound the DJs are known for.

Brucelee, Torres & LIN showcase their own skills and prolific signature sound as they join together to create this powerful production that introduces itself as a certified hit, proving why their names are worthy to follow up close.

With ‘StayFuture Rave Music shows once more that its releases have everything it takes to become instant favorites and unmissable listening experiences, shining a light on bright new talents.

Make sure to follow Brucelee, Torres & LIN, as well as Future Rave Music as they guarantee powerful music releases for the near future.

Listen to the track HERE!