Don Diablo embarks on an ΞNDLΞSS VOYAGΞ

don diablo future xl

These upcoming weeks, digital luminary Don Diablo will showcase his brand-new fine art solo exhibition “ΞNDLΞSS VOYAGΞ” in his hometown Amsterdam. The full collection, consisting of seven new works, is on public display and for sale at Jaski Gallery.

In conjunction with his new collection the following three weeks MOCO MUSEUM will also be hosting an exclusive overview of carefully curated Don Diablo art pieces, created by the artist over the past years. This will include two pieces from his new “ΞNDLΞSS VOYAGΞ” collection: a life-size plane window on an endless digital flight to an unknown destination and a mixed media video installation.

After spending more than 14,500 hours in the air from the age of 13, Don Diablo‘s life changed dramatically when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Over the years, planes had become his second home. When the lockdowns suddenly made it impossible for him to fly, the renowned producer and digital artist decided to literally take the plane into his home. And so, the foundations for Endless Voyage were laid.

Taking place in his home country, this special exhibition will be a significant moment in Don‘s artistic career as it is the first time, he will display a wider collection of his works. No stranger to the MOCO, Don’s mind-blowing HΞXHIBIT III art installation, which was auctioned off for 1.2 million euros and then went on public display at the Museum Plein, also went on display at the MOCO museum last year. The kick off for the MOCO exhibition will take place on the 20th of October at the museum where Don Diablo himself will also be present.

Having risen to the upper echelons of electronic music, Don‘s fascination and preoccupation with the visual arts has always been prevalent throughout every step of his music career, ultimately finding a natural progression into the art world. Disrupting the scene with his take on NFTs (NonFungible Tokens) last year, his name has become synonymous with the digital/physical art space.

Just eighteen months on from the record-breaking sale of his first NFT at digital art gallery SuperRare, the Dutch visionary has achieved incredible success with his work going on to be auctioned at Sotheby’s and exhibited at Venice Biennale, Art Dubai and Art Basel in Miami. His latest work HΞXAVΞRSΞ by Don Diablo is currently on display in downtown Hong Kong and Shanghai in collaboration with K11.