Luciano drops two new remixes for Lulu Gainsbourg on Why Music

It was during one of their many trips that the two artists met for the first time in Amsterdam. The friendly love at first sight was such that the two artists decided a year later to collaborate on a remix project: Lulu2 .

Taken from Lulu Gainsbourg‘s latest album Replay, Luciano gave life to two remixes: Opening Remix and L’enfance Remix.

This architect of sound has so generously shared his knowledge of clubs and his experiences in electronic music, that in spite of his classical training and his studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Lulu Gainsbourg wanted to embark on a new challenge: The planet of electro.

Made with a magical atmosphere and sensational energy, these remixes will take you on a journey to these two different worlds that meet to become one. Indeed, these two great travelers love to express their love for different cultures through their creation.

Between Amsterdam, Switzerland, Ibiza, Chile and the United States, the two artists managed to find each other: they share the same first name and the same deep passion for music. So even if they did not know each other a few years ago, we can be sure that now, with so much in common, the two artists are starting a very beautiful journey together…

Listen to the track below.