Avi Sic is here with another jaw-dropping remix of Fred Again..’s hit Delilah

Avi Sic is here with another jaw-dropping remix; The Chicago-based DJ and music producer hits back with her version of Fred Again..’s hit ‘Delilah (pull me out of this)’.

The artist known for her highly-energetic live shows and punchy mixes that feature her signature style that blends genres like House, Electro House, Pop, Future House and Deep House, just to name some, is back with another hard-hitter that’s surely ready to take the listener into an unprecedented listening experience; whether in the club, the radio or a festival stage, this remix is simply off the hook.

Coming from playing more than 300 shows all across the US and receiving international support for her 2022 releases, Avi Sic closes off this highly successful year with this fresh remix.

A steady beat, bouncy basslines, processed vocal chops from the original and an infectious synth line, Avi Sic manages to give Fred Again..’s banger the perfect twist to create this remarkable remix. The heavy-hitting and mighty drop with growling pads and a hard-hitting yet magnetic low-end, the track transforms into a high energy bop.

While maintaining the track’s original vibe, this enthralling Electro House take on Delilah (pull me out of this) has Avi Sic’s signature punch and magnificent taste, showcasing a complex low-end with darker yet mysterious tones, all while creating an unmissable banger.

As the year comes to an end, Avi Sic proves once more why her name is high on the list of DJs to follow as her captivating sound and outstanding style is surely praiseworthy.

Make sure to follow Avi Sic as she promises a 2023 packed with new bangers, fresh productions, a hard-hitting sound and unforgettable live performances.

Listen to the track below!