fknsyd turns fantasy to reality with her debut mixtape, ‘Taste.test’

Created by the imaginative artist Sydney Fisher, fknsyd is a project that expands far beyond the auditory realm. Using music as a way to channel her internal battles and deep emotions, fknsyd enables her audience to join her in self-healing and finding happiness.

Her one-of-a-kind voice has led this singer to collaborations with SLANDER, REZZ, Hex Cougar, Manilla Killa, and many other revered artists.

Wanting to be recognized as more than just a “feature artist”, fknsyd has ventured into her solo career with her debut mixtape Taste.test. Sharing her viewpoint on the compilation and the process of creating it, fknsyd states, “‘Taste.test’ is a compilation of songs I made over the last year or two.

With my personal music, I do everything myself, and I don’t feel overly confident about most of the skills involved in that process. As much as I’d like to only share things I feel completely satisfied with, I don’t think it needs to be that serious, and I realize whatever that standard is for me will be ever-changing.

It doesn’t make me happy to stockpile a bunch of music. I admire people who share their art, so to me, this is a step in the direction of feeling more comfortable doing that.”

Containing nine breathtaking tracks, Taste.test provides a sonic voyage of introspection and self-discovery for listeners. Songs like “New Evils“, “Fantasy“, and “Vertigo” embrace mystifying vocals from fknsyd along with her mesmerizing trippy sound design. Taste.test is simply a taste of what fknsyd has in store for the future for her solo journey as an artist.

Listen to the tracks below.

Metodi Gogovski
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