Cody Chase is back with another unmissable EP titled ’Stay Tuned’

Cody Chase is back with another unmissable EP titled ’Stay Tuned’. The Miami-based DJ/Producer is ready to share a new 2-track Tech House EP via his own imprint Chasing Records.

Following the release of his Techno track ‘Don’t Talk’, which got support from Benny Benassi and was featured on his radio show ‘Welcome To My House’, his latest EP, ‘They Don’t Know’ featuring 3 fresh Techno productions, and the successful launch of his radio show ‘The Chase’, the talented Producer is here with another forceful release, a Tech House EP that displays his signature style and sound that has already received attention and praise from fans of the genre.

The title track ’Stay Tuned’ features a punchy beat, hypnotizing underlying bassline kick off this sonic journey. Raw yet driving synth lines and the main vocals guide the track to release even more energy. This vibrant opener for the EP sets the tone for the rest of the listening experience.

The second track ‘Same Old Game’ features a groovy and pounding Tech House beat, the growling synths and robotic voice drops the hard-hitting track through powerful underlying basslines and panned sonic elements.

The driving beat and funky yet energetic bassline guides this track and listeners to join the party. An energizing listening experience, ‘Stay Tuned’ and ‘Same Old Game’ push the intensity and deliver an infectious and energizing signature Cody Chase sound.

With this new release, Cody Chase keeps building up a solid catalog and a loyal fanbase ready to enjoy the refreshing and energizing music he produces.

As the title of the EP says ’Stay Tuned’ and follow Cody Chase as he continues to deliver increasingly powerful tracks that display his signature sound and style.

Listen to the track below.

Metodi Gogovski
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