AbueKev, Hotboxx & Vampire Sex join forces to release a fresh EP ‘Wanna Know Sumthing About Ya’

AbueKev, Hotboxx and Vampire Sex join forces to release a fresh two-track EP titled ‘Wanna Know Sumthing About Ya’ via Original Label, following the release of his track ‘All Love’ via Play Records and his EP ‘Acostumbrado’ alongside Flynn Nolan through Original Label, both releases to great acclaim, and his string of live shows during Miami Music Week, Hotboxx gets ready to introduce another powerful track where he adds his special touch bringing his skills and sound to the production table.

Vampire Sex does not lag behind having recently released their EP ‘Love at First Bite’ that features their hard-hitting sound and signature style that uses elements from Tech House, Deep House, Techno, Minimal-Tech, and Latin influences.

On the other hand, AbueKev, Original Label’s owner, also comes from the release of a two track EP featuring one Minimal/Deep Tech Track and one Deep House track displaying his sound and style.

This time, they have joined forces to present a new production to the world, ‘Wanna Know Sumthing About Ya’ and it’s Sexy Sax Mix. A filtered lively House beat starts off the original mix, with a catchy short vocal melody guiding the journey.

A powerful underlying bassline sustains the track, as the playful synths and pads release the track to a fully-fledge party. Synth strikes add a new layer of dynamism, as the intensity grows over and over to find a new, fresh and electrifying release.

Vampire Sex, Hotboxx & AbueKev

The Sexy Sax Mix is a Deep House version of the track that features a groovy sax line and a soulful synth progression. The House beat keeps the party going as the sultry saxophone guides this funky and hypnotic listening experience and musical journey. The track keeps finding ways to develop and release itself all throughout its length, making it a great dance floor hit.

This special collaboration between AbueKev, Hotboxx and Vampire Sex seemly blend each artists’ signature sound and style to have as a result, a powerful and groovy listening experience for Minimal/Deep Tech and Deep House fans out there.

Be sure to follow the artists across their social media accounts, to be updated on their latest news, releases and live shows. ‘Wanna Know Sumthing About Ya’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

Listen to track below.