Angelyna Rose employs AI to recreate Grande’s vocals in her rendition of Tiësto’s “10:35”

The use of AI in music is advancing rapidly, and the creation of AI-generated vocals is just one example. Angelyna Rose used AI technology to create a song called “10:35 (Grande Remake),” which has vocals that sound like Ariana Grande. This is impressive because AI can now mimic human voices very accurately. However, there are concerns about using celebrity voices without their permission.

Some people think AI vocals are an exciting new way to create music, while others think it’s unfair to use famous people’s voices without their consent. They worry that using AI to create music might make it harder for real artists to stand out and get noticed.

As the use of AI in music becomes more widespread, streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music will need to decide how to handle AI-generated content. Should AI-generated songs be treated differently from those created by human artists? Would it be better to limit the number of AI-generated songs that are available to the public?

The music industry must carefully consider these legal and ethical questions while continuing to explore the potential of AI-generated vocals. It is essential to find a way to use AI technology while respecting the rights of artists and protecting original works.

By doing so, we can make sure that AI is used to enhance the creative process in music, rather than to undermine it. Angelyna Rose has many other winning singles beyond this one, if you like what you hear go back to her profile and check out more of what she’s made.

Listen to the track below.