Peggy Gou shares Gudu & Friends Vol. 1

Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou’s Gudu label launches a new annual Various Artists compilation series with Gudu & Friends Vol. 1. featuring Closet Yi, Salamanda, Lady Blacktronika and more.

Launched in 2019, Gudu opened with one of Peggy Gou‘s most successful records to date, ‘Starry Night‘, and has released several hit singles from Peggy since (‘I Go’, ‘Nabi’). However, Peggy’s music is only half the story with Gudu.

Since its formation, Gudu has housed music from a truly global roster of artists, including the UK’s DMX Krew and JRMS, Italy’s Hiver and Dukwa, South Korea’s Mogwaa, Indonesia’s Dea, Ukraine’s Brain de Palma, South Africa’s Riff and the USA’s Maurice Fulton. It has also hosted label showcases across Europe, and hosts its own stage at Peggy‘s annual Pleasure Gardens festival.

Gudu & Friends Vol.1

The follow up to recent EP’s from DMX Krew and Mogwaa, on Gudu & Friends Vol. 1, the label presents an eight-track compilation of new music from established Gudu label artists and new faces to the label. DMX Krew, Mogwaa, Hiver, Dukwa and Brain de Palma all represent for the existing label roster, while two of South Korea’s most exciting talents Closet Yi and Salamanda contribute two very different tracks: the ravey, breaks-driven ‘Sonder‘ and the wide-eyed, mallet-led ‘Mockingbird‘.

Finally, the First Lady of Beatdown, Lady Blacktronika, comes through with the hypnotic groove of ‘He Can Never Love You‘ – a classic LB cut that gets warpy and freaky as only she can.

Each Gudu & Friends compilation will have artwork tied into the lunar new year. For Gudu & Friends Vol. 1, the art comes from illustrator Jin Young Choi (who also illustrates the Gudu Mix series) and reflects the year of the rabbit.

Listen to the tracks below.