Kappa Futur Festival announces digital art installations for 2023 edition

Kappa Futur

Kappa Futur Festival, one of Europe’s premier electronic music festivals, is proud to announce another programme of digital art for this year’s festival, following their first ever digital art installations at last year’s event.

KFF23 is set to be bigger and better, with a line-up that promises to deliver an immersive and unforgettable experience for electronic music and digital art lovers alike.

In a carefully curated exhibition they’ll be welcoming a whole host of digital artists to showcase their work across the site. This year’s digital art collection, curated in partnership with the digital art platform Blackdove, will transport festival-goers on a journey of color and movement. With Beryl and Oz headlining, alongside other talented artists, Kappa Futur Festival is set to be the ultimate destination for anyone looking to experience the best in digital art, not only electronic music.

This year’s Futur Collection Line-up: Beryl, Blake Kathryn, Burt Vera Cruz, Eduard_Ov, Fabio Comparelli, Fesq, Jarvinart, Jonas Pfeiffer, Josh Pierce, Julien Missaire, Klarens, Leo Köhler, Looping Lovers, Luke Penry, Marcel van Luit, Marterium, Melt Immersive, NoCreative, Oz, Perry Cooper, Rolzay, Silly Gabe, Stillman, Yonson.

Blackdove, known for its commitment to bridging the gap between the art world and technology, is the perfect partner for Futur Festival. All works will be available for sale on the Blackdove platform and at their summer gallery at Porto Urbano, in Torino, for the whole month of June, giving festival-goers the opportunity to take home a piece of the immersive experience. Porto Urbano will hold openings and special events to present works and collaborations with artists selected for this year’s Futur Collection.

“At Futur, we believe that electronic music and digital art are two sides of the same coin, and that together they create an immersive experience that festival-goers love,” said the festival director Maurizio Vitale. “With Blackdove on board, we’re thrilled to bring this experience to a wider audience and give festival-goers the chance to take home a piece of the magic.”

For more information on Kappa Futur Festival and its lineup, visit the festival’s website.