Purple Disco Machine & Sophie and the Giants return with new single “Paradise”

Purple Disco Machine

Sophie and the Giants and Purple Disco Machine return with new single Paradise, reuniting one of modern pop music’s most innovative and successful partnerships in the process.

After two chart-topping tracks the pair once again unites to deliver the summer anthem of 2023 in waiting.

Paradise follows on from the duo’s collaborative work on the international hits Hypnotized and In the Dark, both of which appeared on the German producer and Grammy winner’s 2021 album Exotica.

Sophie and the Giants and Purple Disco Machine

This time around, after writing the song, Sophie realized there was only one person who could help truly realize Paradise’s club-dominating potential, and that was her friend and artistic foil Purple Disco Machine, AKA Tino Piontek.

“I wrote this song as a classic dancefloor hit, welcoming you into my Paradise,” explains Sophie of the new single. “It’s so hypnotic that hedonistic arms will pull you onto the dance floor and make you want to scream out the lyrics while doing things you’ll regret.”

Driven by shimmering synths, an irresistible disco click and Sophie’s enveloping vocals, Paradise is an evocative escape into a landscape of neon lights, pulsing strobes and kinetic limbs as the song cascades across the dancefloor, enchanting bodies and minds as it goes.

“I hope Paradise makes people feel completely free and liberated, like nothing else matters but this moment,” declares Sophie. “Whoever you are, forget about what is bringing you down, kiss somebody and move your body to this song!”

Sophie and the Giants and Purple Disco Machine’s first collaboration, 2020’s Hypnotized, was a global hit amassing 425 million streams and 120 million plays on YouTube as it topped charts across Europe. Their second track together, 2022’s In The Dark, has already reached 200 million combined streams, and was Number 1 on APC’s chart for the whole of the EU. Both songs have gone Gold and Platinum in a host of countries since their releases.

This sustained success flows directly from the deep creative and artistic understanding that Sophie and Tino have developed working together in the studio, something Paradise draws on.

“I’m so excited to be collaborating with Purple Disco Machine for a third time,” says Sophie of their latest musical mind-meld. “After the way we worked together on Hypnotized and In The Dark, I knew as soon as I wrote Paradise it was meant for the two of us.”

The new single follows on from the impact made by DNA ft Mearsy, which Sophie and the Giants released earlier in 2023, plus last summer’s We Own The Night, which both cemented the London-based artist’s dancefloor credentials. Sophie’s songs – excluding collaborations – have now been streamed over 125 million times globally, while she enjoys 3.8 million monthly listeners via Spotify alone.

Following a series of acclaimed European shows in late 2022, Sophie and The Giants are now set for a 2023 tour, including a full sweep of European festivals and a September headline touring, ensuring a summer Paradise awaits us all.

Listen to the track below.