Mark Daisy’s ‘Runaway’ An Impressive Tease To The Upcoming Album ‘Daisyland’

Emanating an ethereal charm that seeps into the consciousness, “Runaway,” the fresh cut from Mark Daisy’s debut album, Daisyland, is nothing short of a symphony for the soul.

With a blend of vibrant melodies and introspective sound design, the track crafts a space where sonic and visual elements dance in harmony.

Mark Daisy‘s artistic prowess shines through in his synergistic work with notable figures such as Nicky Night Time, Noah Schy, and Nate Alford. The result? A sensory explosion that arouses creativity, and a sanctuary of pure joy, with “Runaway” serving as your auditory compass.

Picture this: Daisyland – a utopian landscape thriving with brilliant flower hues and rainbows, where Daisy is accompanied by his quirky troupe of Speaker Creatures. This is the world that “Runaway” unlocks, offering a transcendent voyage aboard the whimsical Daisy-Mobile, powered by bubbles and propelled by music.

Prepare to lose yourself in Daisyland’s melodic embrace – it’s a runaway journey to musical bliss.

Listen to the track below!

Check out the exclusive interview with Mark Daisy below.

How do you envision the evolution of your sound and artistic vision beyond “Runaway”?

This music was always going to be really energetic and playful. Then the world of Daisyland revealed itself as we worked on more and more records for the project. Then along came the Speaker Creatures who came to life in the silliest brainstorm ever with my collaborator Noah Schy (with an assist from my wife Tessa). I’ve loved building the world of Daisyland and am so excited to keep sharing it – and invite others in to play with us along the way.

Runaway felt like the perfect introduction to joy – one that will keep building as we release more records and more of the Daisyland experience.

Are there any specific narratives you want to explore in your upcoming music?

This project is about the joy of being alive. If you can, find moments where you don’t live too seriously. Our toddler says all she wants to do is “Play play play” – I say let’s all go live that life in Daisyland.

“Runaway” and the rest of the music I’ll be releasing is hopefully a reminder to tune into our bodies and get back in touch with our incredible capacity for joy. It’s not about literally running away from stuff – just that we are grownups and still find moments to play play play.

How did working with acclaimed artists influence the direction of Daisyland or “Runaway”?

Working with others is so crucial to the joy of creation for me. I was so lucky to collaborate with so many amazing artists – Noah Schy, Nate Alford, Nicky Nightime, Squid Spelman and the team at Linguni to name a few. They helped clarify the direction of the music. They helped explode the vision of Daisyland and create the whole world this music lives in. They all made my ideas so much better and made the process so much more fun. So much of the creation of this album was play – and I think that really comes through in the music.

Do you have an all time favorite show that you have played?

I haven’t performed as Mark Daisy yet but I did perform on the main stage (playing trumpet and piano) at the Montreaux Jazz Festival – the setting of Montreaux is epic and the energy is absolutely wonderful. And to be on a stage that has hosted such incredible musicians – what an awe-inspiring experience.

Is it easy for you to get into a creative space?

The easiest way for me to access a creative space is by sitting at the piano. I started playing when I was 5 and it is my closest friend. I always know we can do something together. Even if it’s a piano I’ve never met, I know we can immediately hug and begin playing together, making magic together. There are few things in life I enjoy more than time in front of the piano.

What are your ultimate aspirations as a dance artist, and what mark do you hope to leave on the music industry with Daisyland?

My aspirations with Mark Daisy is to bring as much playful joy to as many people as possible – to access that playful side of ourselves that we can lose sight of as the stressors of life weigh us down. Let’s play play play!