Cody Chase’s radio show, “The Chase” continues to impress and elevate the world of Techno & Tech House

Throughout the month of June, Cody Chase’s weekly radio show, aptly titled “The Chase,” continued to impress and elevate the world of Techno and Tech House music. With a dynamic lineup of episodes, Cody Chase delivered unforgettable mixes and memorable moments for fans around the globe.

A standout feature of “The Chase” in June was a special live mix performed from Cody Chase‘s show at Church Denver, where he had the honor of opening for the renowned Eli Brown. This live mix captured the electric energy and infectious vibe of the event, showcasing Cody Chase‘s exceptional DJing skills and his ability to command the dancefloor.

The mix was an immersive experience that transported listeners to the heart of the event, allowing them to relive the magic and excitement of that unforgettable night.

Aside from this special episode, the rest of June’s episodes of “The Chase” were nothing short of exceptional, as Cody Chase expertly curated a diverse selection of tracks that showcased the depth and breadth of Techno and Tech House. From pounding basslines to melodic hooks, each episode was a carefully crafted sonic journey that left listeners craving more.

The Chase” in June also featured some of Cody Chase‘s own productions, from IDs to upcoming releases like his track ‘Slinger’, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for fans, with his distinctive sound and innovative approach, Cody Chase’s original tracks captivated listeners and further solidified his position as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Throughout the month, “The Chase” remained a must-listen for Techno and Tech House enthusiasts worldwide, as Cody Chase‘s innate ability to blend tracks seamlessly, his unswerving passion for the music, and his dedication to elevating the art form shone through in every episode.

From the electrifying live mix performed at Church Denver to each carefully curated episode, Cody Chase demonstrated his prowess as a DJ and his commitment to delivering the best in Techno and Tech House music, promising to continue to push boundaries and get the party started in the coming months.

Listen to the radio shows here.