UNTOLD Festival 2023: A Spectacular Odyssey of Music, Magic, and Memories

photo by aLIVECoverage

From August 3rd to 6th, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, once again became the epicenter of musical magic as UNTOLD Festival 2023 unfolded its extraordinary wonders. With each passing edition, UNTOLD solidifies its reputation as one of the world’s premier festivals, rivaling even the mighty Tomorrowland. This year’s extravaganza was nothing short of awe-inspiring, surpassing all expectations and leaving ravers from around the globe spellbound.

A world of unparalleled ecstasy awaited festival-goers as they entered the festival grounds, a utopia designed to cater to every desire. The transformation of the festival from one year to the next is an artful evolution, with each edition seemingly outshining its predecessor. UNTOLD has undoubtedly cemented its place among the greatest festivals on Earth, a title well-deserved given the unending array of experiences it offers.

This year’s edition undoubtedly made its mark as a colossal gathering of music and culture, captivating a total of more than 425,000 participants across its four electrifying days. There were 95K+ festival-goers on the first day of the festival, a record-breaking 120K on the second day on Friday, 110K participants on Saturday, and 100K on the final day of the festival on Sunday.

Envisioned as a haven for music aficionados, UNTOLD 2023 featured eight majestic stages, each a universe unto itself, drawing ravers into a kaleidoscope of genres and sounds. From the moment you set foot within its magical realm, you’re enveloped in an immersive experience like no other.

UNTOLD 2023 mainstage

The grandeur of the Mainstage is a spectacle to behold. Its centerpiece, ‘Phoenix, the Protector of The World Capital of Night and Magic,’ stands as an emblem of unity and shared euphoria. As world-class DJs and artists cast their sonic spells upon the audience, the Mainstage becomes a cauldron of enchantment, uniting thousands in a synchronized dance of transcendence.

But that’s merely the beginning. The Galaxy stage, a pulsating nucleus of the underground, beckons those with a penchant for avant-garde beats. Here, the boundaries of musical exploration are pushed, and the crowd is immersed in a celestial journey through the outer realms of sound.

UNTOLD Galaxy stage

Venturing further into UNTOLD‘s mystical tapestry, the Daydreaming stage is a haven for lovers of deep house, afro house, progressive house, and indie dance. Nestled amidst an ethereal landscape, it offers a respite from the frenetic dance floors, inviting festival-goers to lose themselves in melodic reverie.

For the devotees of Trance music, the Fortune stage emerges as a shrine of sonic devotion. The euphoric melodies and uplifting beats here are a balm for the soul, providing a spiritual sanctuary for those who seek to ascend through music.

UNTOLD Fortune stage

The Alchemy stage, a sanctum of bass and rhythm, caters to the aficionados of drum and bass, dubstep, and trap. The air is electric with energy as thunderous drops and earth-shaking vibrations ignite a maelstrom of movement.

Rekindling the past and igniting nostalgia, the Retro Fantasia stage is a portal to a bygone era. Here, vintage beats and classic anthems rekindle the spirit of dance music’s origins, infusing the festival with a vibrant sense of history.


Intriguingly, UNTOLD Festival goes beyond music. Amidst the sonic marvels lie captivating spaces like the ‘Designer’s Nest,’ a haven where Romanian fashion designers unveil their creations, bridging art and fashion. Beauty salons offer a chance for festivalgoers to transform and express themselves, turning the festival grounds into a living canvas.

Diverse experiences are the essence of UNTOLD, as exemplified by the ‘Military Showcase.’ Attendees can gaze upon military demonstrations, forging a unique connection between the world of music and the world of defense.

And what’s a festival without indulgence? The food court is a gastronomic oasis, a carnival of flavors catering to every craving. From gourmet delights to the ultimate comfort food, the options are as varied as the beats that grace the stages. A golden arch stands as a beacon of familiarity – a McDonald‘s amidst this tapestry of extraordinary offerings, a reminder that even in the realm of the exceptional, the comforts of the everyday are cherished.

Day 1

During the exhilarating first day of UNTOLD Festival, music enthusiasts were treated to an electrifying lineup that ignited the stages with an array of powerful acts. The Mainstage pulsated with energy as Bebe Rexha, Steve Aoki, and Alok took the spotlight, delivering electrifying performances that had the crowd dancing and singing along in unison.

Meanwhile, over at the Galaxy stage, the beats of Boris Brejcha and the mesmerizing set of Amelie Lens captivated festival-goers, creating an atmosphere of pure musical ecstasy. Simultaneously, the Daydreaming stage was graced by the enigmatic presence of Gheist, who skillfully transported the audience into a realm of sonic dreams.

Boris Brejcha at the Galaxy stage

Day 2

As day two dawned upon the festival grounds, an unforgettable spectacle awaited the eager attendees. The mainstage was set ablaze by none other than Imagine Dragons, who delivered a performance of unparalleled intensity and charisma. The sheer magnitude of the crowd amassed for their set was a testament to their remarkable stage presence and the profound connection they shared with their fans.

Alesso and Salvatore Ganacci continued the momentum with their awe-inspiring sets, leaving an indelible mark on the festival’s second day. Meanwhile, the Galaxy stage witnessed the enchanting Masquerade stage curated by Claptone, accompanied by the spellbinding sounds of Camelphat, Bedouin, and Mathame that resonated through the night.

Imagine Dragons at UNTOLD 2023

Day 3

Day three unfolded with an explosive lineup that left festival-goers craving more. Martin Garrix, ZHU, French Montana, and Eric Prydz graced the mainstage, delivering sets that pushed the boundaries of musical innovation and artistic expression. The Galaxy stage was set ablaze by the enthralling performance of Tale of Us, as their mesmerizing visuals and powerful tracks transported the audience on a journey of sound and light. Meanwhile, the Daydreaming stage pulsed with the rhythms of Dubfire and Sebastien Leger, creating an entrancing atmosphere that entrapped all who ventured into its sonic embrace.

Tale of Us performing at the Galaxy stage

Day 4

The grand finale on the fourth day of UNTOLD Festival proved to be an unparalleled crescendo of musical ecstasy. The Trance legend Armin van Buuren took the mainstage by storm, defying expectations and pushing the limits of time itself with an extended 5-hr long live set that stretched until the early hours of the morning. This marathon performance, fueled by Armin‘s unwavering dedication to his Romanian fans and his deep connection with the UNTOLD festival, was nothing short of legendary. David Guetta, Years & Years, and Ferg also delivered electrifying sets that left an indelible mark on the festival’s grand finale.

Simultaneously, the Galaxy stage showcased the talents of Marco Carola, Dixon, and Mahony, weaving a tapestry of beats and melodies that resonated with the hearts of all present. At the Daydreaming stage, Themba and Oliver Koletzki rounded off the festival with their distinctive sounds, leaving a trail of musical memories that would linger long after the final notes had faded.

Armin van Buuren playing at the Mainstage

This edition of UNTOLD Festival was unequivocally the pinnacle of the summer, a symphony of sonic brilliance that left an indelible mark on the hearts of ravers. As we eagerly anticipate the festival’s 2024 edition, whispers of UNTOLD Dubai‘s debut edition spread like wildfire, promising an equally awe-inspiring experience. The world waits with bated breath to once again step into the realm of UNTOLD and immerse itself in the boundless magic that awaits.