Nora En Pure reveals Who You Are on Enormous Tunes

Like a sonic reflection of the morning light gleaming through the trees, Swiss-South African artist Nora En Pure graces our soundwaves once again with her latest creation Who You Are on Enormous Tunes.

With studio time providing a stark contrast to life on the road, this record encourages vulnerability and an introspective look into the core of our beings.

When we look in the mirror, is the person standing in front of us a true representation of ourselves, or a construct that has been built up over time? Cascading over a gentle arrangement with touching vocals, her latest offering provides a breath of fresh air, while connecting with audiences on deeper layers beneath the surface.

Reflecting on yet another amazing summer season, Nora En Pure took her sought-after sound near and far, playing stand-out shows at the likes of Outside Lands in San Francisco, Lollapalooza in Chicago and Ultra Europe in Croatia.

Hosting Purified‘s first festival takeovers, the brand touched down at EZoo NYC and Festival MEG in Montreal for two incredible editions. Returning to San Francisco on November 5, Purified will be hosting the next edition at Midway Block Party, and promises an event filled with the finest dance music, including performances by Giolì & Assia, Simon Doty and a back-to-back set by Paradoks & Volaris.

Listen to the track below.