Habbo Foxx Joins Fibre Records With An Uplifting 2 Track EP ‘Tell U Something’

Iconic Leeds Venue ‘Bar Fibre’s’ in-house label ‘Fibre Records’ continues to move at lightning pace, already celebrating their third release of the Summer.

Following LS14’s highly infectious ‘Chronic E.P’ and most recently Because Of You (Easy To Love), a highly energetic earworm from Chicago producer Pastel Blue, the ambitious new label maintains momentum with a fantastic two track E.P from Habbo Foxx titled Tell U Something.

Habbo Foxx is a highly skilled, versatile DJ and producer who has accomplished a great deal in a relatively short time, having seen his work impact on labels such as Cr2 Records, Perfect Havoc, Six15 Music, Let There Be House, Somn’thing Records, Zulu Records and Stealth Records to name a few.

Coming from a world class pedigree of talented musicians, dance music runs through his blood. The son of the legendary PAV on Percussion, Habbo is fast becoming one of the north of England’s most reputable, reliable and up-and-coming DJs. His signature sound blending contemporary and classic House has earned him a longstanding residency at Bar Fibre in his hometown of Leeds, as well as playing major cities and festivals around the UK.

The title track “Tell U Something” perfectly embodies the Fibre ethos. Containing the right balance of feel-good vocals that have become synonymous with the Fibre brand paired with an iconic M1 organ bassline, it is no surprise that Tell U Something has raised countless hands on Fibre‘s dance floor over the past few months.

Here’s what Habbo Fox had to say about the release:

“Tell U Something is a track I’ve been wanting to write, a track that showcases what I’m all about. My love for emotive piano chords and a tech driven beat has shined through on this one and allowed me to really showcase what I am all about. Having been a resident at Bar Fibre for the last 11 years, this is the perfect place for me to release my music.”

Following up nicely, “Worth The Time” infuses a serious bassline, pitched down vocals and an infectious rhythm. With build ups that generate pure euphoria, flawlessly dropping into a hypnotic groove, this deeper cut will certainly be getting people moving this club season.

Listen to the tracks here.