Clan Brude unveils his Progressive House EP ‘Temporary Places’

Clan Brude is back with another powerful production; this time he unveils his Progressive House EP ‘Temporary Places’.

Following the releases of ‘No Time To Forget’ and ‘Something Cut Me Loose’, the skillful Producer presents a brand-new EP that showcases his signature sound and style, which keeps him climbing on the list of Artists to follow closely within the Electronic Music genre. Having quickly built momentum, this is a Producer that will no doubt continue captivating as he drops impressive productions time and time again, proving himself worthy of attention from genre enthusiasts around the globe.

With 3 tracks on the list, Temporary Places brings a refreshing and electrifying vibe that will surely connect with lovers of the genre. ‘Escape (Over And Over)’ displays a fresh sound, a steady yet thumping beat and captivating vocals that alongside the bassline, synths and rhythmic elements keep the sonic journey going.

Clan Brude – Temporary Places

Next, ‘Why This Paranoia Get Me’ starts off with a pulsating beat, driving melodies guided by the chopped vocals and infectious synths, that present a new musical soundscape to listeners. Finally, the EP closes off with ‘Cut Me Loose (Straight to U Mix)’, finishing the EP on a high note, with a dynamic beat and uplifting synths that alongside the captivating main vocals, take the musical experience to the next level.

With this new EP, Clan Brude keeps building his catalogue, while presenting an unmissable listening journey that will become an instant favorite, not just among Progressive House fans, but all Electronic Dance music enthusiasts.

As Clan Brude keeps promising fresh productions in the coming months, make sure to follow him across social media to be kept in the know about his latest projects and releases.

Listen to the track below.