Habitatt introduce their soothing sound with their 3-Track “See” EP on Purified Records

Marking their inaugural release with a stunning three-track offering, Max Styler and Spencer Howard’s newly formed duo Habitatt introduce their soothing sound with their See EP on Purified Records.

Exploring melodic territories, the title track meanders across an undulating sonic pathway, combining soaring notes and vocals with dance-ready basslines. Entering a mystical realm, Terminal D sets a poignant tone with isolated piano keys and sparse percussion. Introducing intricate drum patterns, this touching number ebbs and flows throughout its duration. Closing with Time, the listener is led into an otherworldly dimension with alluring synths and sonic patterns that rise and fall to emphatic effect.

Growing up making beats together and uploading them to SoundCloud, Max and Spencer‘s production synergy was founded when they were kids. Their paths into adulthood led them in opposite directions, with Max becoming an international touring producer and DJ, and Spencer pursuing his athletic endeavors, leading to a successful career as a pitcher in Major League Baseball.

With drastically different career paths, their lives were mirrored with long travel days, hotels in different cities, and their love for music production. The pair began to share ideas with each other on the road, and their passion for melodies and music became the seed that grew into the Habitatt project.

The See EP artwork features an image of a sea turtle by Daniel Nicholson. Sea turtles, ancient mariners of the oceans, have traversed Earth’s waters for millions of years, witnessing the changing tides of time. Their lifecycle – from the vulnerable hatching stage, to the determined return to nesting beaches – highlights the intricacies of nature’s design.

These graceful creatures, each with its unique migratory patterns, are now facing serious threats, including habitat destruction and plastic pollution. Organizations like the Sea Turtle Conservancy commit themselves to conservation efforts that encompass both nesting sites and the broader marine environments.

Ensuring the survival of sea turtles becomes not only a conservation imperative, but also a testament to our commitment to preserving the timeless stories of Earth’s ancient travellers. Green turtles are listed as endangered according to the IUCN.

Listen to the tracks below.