NGHTMRE & Rezz Release Anticipated Single ‘All Night’ Ft. DeathbyRomy


Electronic innovators NGHTMRE and Rezz release their highly-anticipated collaboration ‘All Night’ featuring dark-pop vocalist DeathbyRomy out now via Gud Vibrations & HypnoVizion.

A wayward original that complements each of their signature styles while testing the boundaries of their collaborative spirits, ‘All Night‘ serpentines through haunting builds and riveting mid-tempo drops.

Encapsulating the energy of a psychological thriller, DeathbyRomy‘s hypnotizing vocals tell a dark and disorienting tale amidst meddlesome melodies and distorted basslines. Riddled with twisted tones and eerie lyricism, ‘All Night‘ will leave listeners with goosebumps.

NGHTMRE & Rezz ft. DeathbyRomy – All Night

Here’s what NGHTMRE had to say about the release:

“I originally started writing this idea as a part of the DRMVRSE live show. I don’t often make mid-tempo style dance tunes but I was really inspired by Rezz’s style and felt it created a really unique switch-up for the audience during the show. The first drop went over so well in my sets, I felt I had to release it.

I eventually got the incredible vocal idea from Romy and sent the rough idea to Rezz as a collab idea. She loved it and immediately took the track to another level with the second drop and finalized the arrangement. Together, we dialed in all the final details and everything came together perfectly in the end. So stoked to share this one with the world!” 

Speaking about the track Rezz said:

“NGHTMRE sent over the early demo of this track and I immediately was intrigued. I hopped on it ASAP and we finished the track together. Romy snapped on the vocals and I think this is a really awesome song.” 

DeathbyRomy added:

“When I was writing ‘All Night’, I was painting the fever dream that is “the nightclub”. The tripped out feeling of making eye contact with yourself in the mirror when you drop the masked smile and realize you’re too drunk.

The glimmer of the night suddenly shattered and all the noise and lights becoming too much. The DJs suddenly playing something equally familiar and terrifying, and you think you’re gonna be sick. This song is just a peek into one of the strange trips/nightmares many of us have found ourselves in, but ‘All Night’ is sexy and terrifying all at once.”

Listen to the track below!