Massano makes a triumphant return to Afterlife with another captivating EP ‘Shut Down’

Building upon the success of his debut EP, “In My System,” Massano makes a triumphant return to Afterlife with his latest offering, “Shut Down.” This two-track release marks the unveiling of the next chapter in the evolution of this promising artist, showcasing his growth and prowess within the electronic music scene.

The title track, ‘Shut Down,’ is a sonic journey filled with exhilarating tension. Massano skillfully employs an undulating low end, bright synth lines, and playful breakdowns to create a composition that is bound to invigorate dance floors. The carefully crafted elements within this track contribute to an immersive experience, capturing the essence of the artist’s evolving sound.

On the flip side, ‘Cybernova‘ serves as a testament to Massano‘s versatility and artistic range. This track beautifully combines mesmerizing melodies with aggressive basslines, resulting in a wonderfully uplifting composition. The seamless fusion of contrasting elements within ‘Cybernova’ speaks volumes about Massano’s ability to navigate the intricacies of electronic music production.


Massano‘s distinctive style is evident in both tracks, as he weaves spellbinding music designed to transport listeners into a realm of awe and wonder. The artist’s meticulous attention to detail is showcased in every beat, creating an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary.

For electronic music enthusiasts and aficionados of Massano‘s work, ‘Shut Down‘ offers a glimpse into the continued evolution of this talented artist. The release serves as a testament to Massano’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories.

To fully immerse yourself in the sonic landscapes crafted by Massano, take a moment to listen to the tracks below. Experience the pulsating beats, intricate melodies, and the undeniable energy that defines Massano’s musical signature. “Shut Down” is not just a release; it’s an invitation to embark on a captivating journey through the sonic realms curated by this emerging talent.

Listen to the tracks below!