Tom Novy Embarks on a Soulful Journey with ‘Cosmic Soul’: A Heartfelt Focus Project

Tom Novy

“Cosmic Soul” is the new heartfelt and focus project by the world-renowned DJ and producer Tom Novy. For this reason Tom returned to his musical roots, to where it all began: Urban Soul music with soft beats in a chill-out atmosphere, mixed with goose bumps creating melodies.

For the project “Cosmic SoulTom Novy returns to his musical roots. He is a child of the Eighties and Nineties and grew up with Funk, Soul, Hip Hop and Acid Jazz. He used to work as a Hip Hop-DJ before House music became his purpose in life. All these musical influences are included in his “Cosmic Soul”.

Here’s what he had to say about the genesis of “Cosmic Soul”:

“During the pandemic my studio partner Axel Latta and I were asked to produce content for a TV station. The musical genre they asked for was lounge music. So we started to work on it and had very much fun during the production process.

This is why after the closure of this assignment we decided to continue to work together on it. 60 tracks were being generated during a time when the world was completely closed off. After the pandemic, Sony Music has shown great interest on the Cosmic Soul Project and has signed all the tracks.”

Cosmic Soul

42 from over 60 Cosmic Soul tracks in total have been published by now. They have all been merged into a playlist providing almost three hours of Urban Soul Music with soft beats and chilled vibes.

Listen to the tracks below!