Tiesto puts his spin on Zerb’s worldwide viral record ‘Mwaki’

After dominating the Spotify’s Global Viral charts at #1 for 9 days straight, Mwaki has taken the world by storm. Currently #26 on Global Shazam charts with over 650k+ worldwide Shazams the song is spreading like wildfire and caught the attention of the top DJs in the world!

Mwaki” is the latest worldwide viral record from Brazilian DJ and producer Zerb and Kenyan vocalist Sofiya Nzau who sang beautiful vocals in the Kenyan tribal language of Kikuyu. Zerb and Sofiya collaborating is a mix of cultures that engage the audiences across the globe, proving that music is a universal language.

Legendary DJ and producer, Tiesto fell in love with “Mwaki” and released it just in time for New Year’s Eve to kick off 2024!

Here’s what Zerb had to say about Tiesto‘s VIP Mix:

“Tiesto has always been one of my biggest inspirations since I started producing 11 years ago at 15. He is a legend. Having him create his own version of one of my songs is completely unbelievable. This remix is a surreal moment for me!”

Listen to the track below!