Zamna Records Unveils Jono Stephenson’s ‘Colours In The Sky’ ft. LUFS with Mark Hoffen Remix

Transport yourself to a world of color and light with “Colors in the Sky” – the vivid new single from Zamna Records.

Featuring the lively production of Jono Stephenson accompanied by the lush melodies of singer LUFS, this musical piece invites you to close your eyes and follow the kaleidoscopic journey as it builds to an uplifting climax. The evocative synth lines swirl and soar, conjuring images of dancing lights and shifting hues as the rhythmic bass keeps your toes tapping.

LUFS‘s soulful voice guides you through this sonic landscape, singing of discovery and wonder and when the full force of the euphoric drop hits, you’ll feel the joy of musical colors bursting to life all around you.

Jono Stephenson – Colours In The Sky

Mark Hoffen‘s fresh yet familiar sound provides a melodic hook that’s sure to get stuck in your head with his revisitation, while the rhythmic pulse will have you tapping your feet from the first beat.

So turn it up, let the beat move you and get swept away on this six-minute journey to a place where the only limits are those of your imagination.

Listen and pre-order HERE!