Sinego unveils his latest track ‘Historia De Un Amor’ on CORE Records

CORE Records is thrilled to unveil ‘Historia De Un Amor’ by the talented Sinego, inspired by the cinematic worlds of Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and the adventurous spirit of Anthony Bourdain.

This track is not just a call to the dancefloor; it aims to stir the soul and ignite the imagination, encouraging listeners to visualize themselves riding a horse across the vast expanses of Sonora, Mexico.

Each beat and rhythm in the track is imbued with the spirit of adventure, mystery, and passion, drawn from movies like ‘Kill Bill’, ‘No Reservations’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in Mexico’. ‘Historia De Un Amor‘ is the first single of the eagerly awaited ‘CORE VA: Tulum 24′ EP, set to release on February 2.

Sinego – Historia De Un Amor

Sinego, a Mexican-Colombian artist, has garnered acclaim for his innovative blend of Latin American traditions with modern electronic sounds. His 2023 album ‘Alterego‘ was a tour de force in this regard, weaving local folk genres with house and techno rhythms.

In ‘Historia De Un Amor‘, Sinego offers a fresh take on the Bolero genre and an old Panamanian love story. Characterized by its intricate lyrics and romantic themes, Bolero has been revered as the quintessential romantic Latin American song genre of the twentieth century.

Historia De Un Amor‘ is a track that transcends boundaries, infused with the essence of harmony, love, and beauty – elements sometimes overlooked in contemporary electronic music. Sinego‘s vision for the track is a lush journey through the jungles of Tulum, evoking imagery of horses and the celebrated Charro culture of Mexico. This creation is not just a song; it’s a vivid narrative that pays homage to tradition while appealing to modern electronic music aficionados.

As Sinego continues to leave his mark on the world stage, ‘Historia De Un Amor‘ stands as a testament to his mastery in fusing the old with the new, creating a soundscape that is both deeply rooted and exploratory.

This release is an invitation to experience the romantic and devotional aspects of music, echoing through the heart of Latin America and beyond.

Listen to the track below.

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