Awakenings launches new festival: Awakenings Upclose

Awakenings Festival 2019. Photo Tim Buiting

After years of orchestrating the largest techno festivals, Awakenings takes a bold leap into a new era with the introduction of Awakenings Upclose.

This distinctive festival, set to take place on May 18 & 19, 2024, will be a gathering much smaller at scale that goes beyond the beats focusing on creating an unparalleled intimate connection between the dancefloor and the artists. It’s a deliberate shift from the massive to the personal, from the distant to the immediate.

Returning to their roots at Houtrak (Spaarnwoude-park), their Holy Ground, where the first whispers of the Awakenings‘ festival journey resounded many years ago, this festival promises an immersive ride exploring landscapes beyond the established techno spectrum into the progressive side of their techno sounds with artists like Donato Dozzy, FJAAK, Overmono and Marlon Hoffstadt.

Expect a combination of techno heavyweights who will experiment with different sounds, underground favorites, 16 cutting-edge b2b’s and over 25 debutants. Completing Awakenings‘ ever-evolving techno circle.

Awakenings Upclose

In the spirit of adventure, Awakenings Upclose takes a more progressive approach, pushing their musical boundaries as they explore cutting-edge techno sounds. Shifting the spotlight from a DJ-focussed setting to dance floor culture. Crafting an intimate techno tapestry and a heartfelt tribute to their roots at the Amsterdam Holy Ground, the festival invites enthusiasts to connect closely on the dance floor and dismantle the traditional barriers between artist and fan.

Experience artists and your fellow techno heads more upclose than ever before at Awakenings. Awakenings Upclose stands as a testament to Awakenings’ roots of techno and the modern-day interpretation that is born from those very same roots.

Beyond Headliners: An Experiment in Exploration

Awakenings Upclose isn’t about the grandeur of headliners; it’s about immersing yourself in an exploration of new and old, a broadened techno horizon within the purest essence of the genre. The festival aims to intensify the techno experience, offering a sonic journey unbound by convention.

Experience techno magicians Colin Benders x Speedy J b2b for the very first time live on stage and numerous other unseen b2b’s like ROD x Stranger, Gigi FM x Kanding Ray, Perc x Wallis (live) and Amoral x Beste Hira. Expect remarkable sets, like Joris Voorn who will treat his fans to a ‘trip to galaxy’ where he will focus on hypnotic driving energetic techno and a special house set by Nina Kraviz.

Also fans of the harder techno sound are still catered with sets by 999999999, Rebekah, AnD, I Hate Models and Azyr. Over 25 artists will play Awakenings for the first time such as Marlon Hoffstadt, Funk Assault, Polar Inertia (live), Azyr and Marie Montexier to name a few. For the ones craving a more intense and groovy sound, Upclose will hit all the right spots.

Crafting Moments: Intimate yet Impactful

Expect nothing less than the signature, impactful production synonymous with Awakenings, yet explore a more intimate setting where you can immerse yourself within your surroundings. Awakenings Upclose sets the stage for an experience that might be much smaller in scale but leaves a lasting impact, forging connections between artist and fan through innovative stage design and elevating the festival experience with light art installations.

An Upclose Affair: Forging Intimate Connections on the Dance Floor

Upclose is a close-knit rendezvous with techno and the ones that love this genre so dearly. Awakenings Upclose creates space for the audience to zoom in, focus, and hone in on the power of the dance floor, because that is where we come to life.

Preserving the Essence, Welcoming the New

To Awakenings‘ cherished Awakenings Festival community, fear not – they are preserving the soul of Awakenings while introducing a new chapter. For those who have danced with them under the stars, Awakenings Upclose promises the same passion for music, but now, with a more personal touch. Awakenings invites you to be a part of this evolution.

Join Awakenings Upclose on May 18-19, 2024, for a sonic expedition. Tickets are on sale now via Awakenings.