Kotiēr reveals ‘Selling Dreams’, his debut single on CORE Records

CORE Records is delighted to introduce ‘Selling Dreams’, the latest release from the dynamic 22-year-old melodic house producer, Kotiēr.

Splitting his time between Berlin and the United States, Kotiēr’s debut single at CORE Records reflects his unique blend of progressive electronic sounds and familiar harmonies, marking his entrance into the global music scene.

Here’s what Kotiēr had to say:

“The moment Blush’ko started humming melodies over the instrumental, I instantly knew we were onto something. But when I played the track at CORE Tulum, hearing the final production over a proper loud system for the first time, I felt it come to life in an entirely new way. Building up to this track as a peak in my sets when the energy is at its highest makes for a special moment.”

A lifelong pianist with a profound love for synths and vocal manipulations, Kotiēr creates music that seamlessly balances innovation with a sense of familiarity. Born in Connecticut to immigrant parents, Kotiēr’s journey in music began in Boston, where he studied physics and computer science. His passion for music, however, took a front seat when his music previews on social media quickly garnered millions of views, boosting his confidence in pursuing a career in music.

Kotiēr‘s rise in the music world was meteoric. In early 2023, he captivated Boston’s club scene, supporting renowned artists like MEDUZA, Yotto, and Rodriguez Jr. This success was a catalyst for his move to Berlin, where he fully immersed himself in developing his artistic project.

His work epitomizes the intersection of technology and nature, from intricately crafted sonic textures to the eco-brutalist AI visuals that accompany his tracks. Kotiēr‘s music is an experience that resonates with both the body and mind, captivating audiences in crowded clubs and providing solace in solitude.

Selling Dreams‘ is not just a track; it’s a testament to Kotiēr‘s skill as a producer and his ability to weave complex emotional narratives through electronic music with appealing AI visuals. This release on CORE Records is a journey into the depths of melodic house, showcasing Kotiēr‘s unique approach to blending the progressive with the familiar.

Experience the innovative and mesmerizing sounds of Kotiēr with ‘Selling Dreams‘, a track that promises to resonate with listeners across the globe, both in vibrant dance halls and in the quiet of their own thoughts.

‘Sēlling Drēams’ is out now via all platforms.