Cyazon Releases his latest production ‘Time Traveling’

Following a busy release schedule, music Producer Cyazon gets ready to introduce his latest production. A new Future Bass track titled ‘Time Traveling’, featuring Vocalist Elle Vee and set for release under Circus Electric, this marks his second release under the imprint.

Showcasing his unique style to the world, Cyazon brings his signature sound that’s meticulous, yet compelling in nature, one that with every release continues to attract audiences. Standing out from the norm, he continues to evolve in his musical identity, blending various genres like Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and Electro House.

Cyazon takes this track to the next level with talented vocalist, producer, and songwriter, Elle Vee. She has risen in her success within the EDM world, having worked with top-tier artists like Ferry Corsten, Nurko, Slander, MitiS, and many more. Elle’s hypnotic and vocal tones amplify the energy in this track, adding an extra layer of color and charm.

Time Traveling’ allows the listener to enter into a realm of nostalgic introspection and relive memories long ago. Beginning with refreshing pads, the song unfolds with captivating vocals, a hard-hitting beat, and a deep bass that adds layers of depth. Each energetic buildup leads to powerful drops, while the atmospheric vocal arrangements create a unique and unmissable listening experience for fans of the genre.

While this release displays Cyazon’s new sonic explorations that highlight his skills and characteristic sound, make sure to stay tuned for updates from Cyazon and follow him via social media, as he’s gearing up to reveal more music and projects in the coming months.

Listen to the track below.