Konstantin Sibold and Adam Sellouk join their talents on ‘The Dusk & Dawn EP’

In a collaborative triumph, renowned German artist Konstantin Sibold and rising talent Adam Sellouk have joined their talents for the new collaborative two-track ‘The Dusk & Dawn EP’, released on Tomorrowland Music!

The two melodic house & techno producers work together for the first time on this cut and let their respective energies flow into two powerful and impactful compositions, which both have been a staple in their live performances over the past year.

Here’s what Konstantin Sibold had to say about the EP:

“I got to know Adam through his unreleased tracks. We finally met in person when I was playing a show in Israel which he joined. We immediately became friends and the idea of making music together was born.

Adam had the initial ideas for these two tracks a long time ago and I felt they had potential and I could improve them so we were hanging out in his studio in Israel and finished the tracks together. So since 1 year they both are an integral part of my DJ sets and I’m very happy they finally see the light of day.”

Speaking about the EP Adam Sellouk said:

“I first connected with Konstantin through my unreleased tracks, sparking our initial interaction. Our paths finally crossed in person during one of his performances in Israel, a moment that solidified our friendship. The idea of crafting music together took root, with Konstantin recognizing potential in the initial ideas I had held for these tracks.

Konstantin Sibold and Adam Sellouk

Collaborating in my studio in Israel, we fine-tuned and completed both pieces. For the past year, these tracks have become a big part of our DJ sets, and I’m thrilled to see them finally come to fruition in the light of day.”

Listen to the tracks below.